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This is an effort to slow down the media intake, presenting stories as unfiltered as possible. The idea is to bring the subject matter closer to the audience by removing the journalist/reporter from the storytelling equation, and replacing them with experts. It doesn’t really matter if these experts are masters of tumbleweed or high-speed trains, the point is that they stay with their passion long enough to present something in its rawest form – its essence.

So we are looking for experts. If you know the ins and outs of something, anything, that means you are an expert and your story needs to be told…

Send inqueries/potential experts/story ideas to: rbarnabas@gmail.com

Finally, I must give much thanks to the entire Rochester Community TV-15 production team for creating an environment which makes experimentation with storytelling possible! Proudly; this is an RCTV Production!

Thanks for reading,

-Rajesh Barnabas

{editor of this show}